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Remember when I told you that I wouldn’t vlog the return trip? Well… I woke up this morning at 5AM and I thought, well… let’s begin with some timelapses. This won’t be a travel vlog I’ll have a specific topic that I don’t know yet but you know it already because it’s in the title I’ll write the script later but for the time being I came here, at Brooke (wikipedia.org/wiki/Rupert_Brooke) this is what it’s called here to film some timelapses and get this video going. [Too wind muted the GoPro mic] it’s 7AM [wind] [I was talking of the great sky] … some timelapses I think… …hope it turns out well… But how can they not… …with that great sky… One cannot get enough of timelapses under these conditions, huh? No idea where I kicked the ball You leaving? Why do you want me to leave? So, why did I quit gambling and investing on a daily basis and spend my time with photography and videography? that’s a nice topic for today, don’t you think? First and foremost, photography is a lot more creative than risking money to make money [again, apologies for the wind]. – Let’s gooooo… But the real reason why I quit gambling and investing on a daily basis isn’t photography and videography. It’s web development. I’ve developed some websites that provide passive income to cover my living expenses so I now have both money and time if we exclude that time raising a family to take pictures and make videos. And as Casey Neistat said Make money to make films, don’t make films to make money. Since my passive income has been enough to sustain my cost of living I have now shifted my focus on more creative stuff like photography and videography. Of course I now have more time to spend with my daughter and my family. That’s always a plus in my book. And while family comes first that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy working and spending a lot of time working. Although work is like a hobby. And so working is like… not working! So quitting gambling and investing was like… In addition, having a family… eeer… doesn’t allow me to have flexibility in time schedule… In addition, having a family doesn’t allow me to spend time on things I like as I’d like to for example, poker tournaments are taking place at night I cannot stay up at night since usually in the morning I have to be at home awake For the stock market and investing, at 4:30PM that the US market opens at and at 11PM when it closes I have to be online. …if I want to day trade US stocks. Forex… The same applies to forex as well since one has to follow the news and anything that happens in the financial world you have to be in front of the screen at that time so, mixing up family matters with gambling and investing is a tad… difficult! While, websites… ha! And as I’m discussing my current work, I’m
hearing that British prime minister called for an election today. Of course this surprising development should
affect exchange rates hugely. I’m sure of it, without looking at any chart. Money will be made and lost. Me? I’m enjoying my trip. This event falls right into the discussion
we have here, though. As i still struggle to find the balance between
work and family, I’ve made some​ decisions. It’s these decisions, like not trading in
short timeframes or quit playing poker tournaments, that have allowed me to be more free in my
life. This is all due to the semi passive income
that my websites bring home. The websites I myself created, built and manage. I never planned to be a web developer or have
a digital publishing business, but I’ll take every opportunity that knocks on my door. And as I have now more time in my hands, and
am not glued to a screen all day long, or monitoring politics like today, I made cameras
my new best friends. Well, safe travels! And here the movie ends! Go on, laugh! [Yes, the hawk was VERY close to the car!] [Skyros Airport] – Good afternoon!
– Hello! Ladies and Gentlemen, shortly we’ll be ready for takeoff! Please, fasten your seatbelts! – Can we take [seatbelts] off?
– Normally, no! [Cling!] We’re over the clouds! In English, clouds… What a flight! That doesn’t mean I’ve quit gambling or investing, of course! Ah, I tried to press the clutch! – I better not have anythiiiing…
– Try not to damage the car! So, I’m doing these things you are making fun of? Eh, at least I’m watching Eytyxis (Greek TV host/YouTuber) and I’m happy (happiness=eytyxia) Ah, so you are watching him? Because my best man recommended him. Eh, I’m watching during the ad breaks when there’s nothing else to watch and we’re ready to kill ourselves …we switch to for 10 minutes… That doesn’t mean I have quit gambling or investing
of course. It just means I chose creativity over more
risk, stress and more money making decisions. I have had enough of those. See you in the next video. Yia hara!

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