Will I Win $187,233 Today?

day 2 of the Venetian $600 super stack
$750,000 guaranteed I think they got around 1.2 million in the prize pool about 500 people remain 250 or so pay
reeling feeling great today with two of my buddies on separate day threes one of
the World Series one at Aria WPT 550 200k up top there my other good friends
playing for 888 K 28 left in that so even if I lose this I’m gonna just be
happy that they could be successful today but today’s goal is to play
fearless aggressive aggression wins tournaments I’m not going to be fear
full of my opponents or their holdings if they got it they got it you got a
gamble let’s play to win nice try today’s Tom Sawyer me there’s
good reason to have to change with lines at 5,000 10,000 were about 20
people away from the money action folds to the cutoff who makes it 20 thousands
this player played a hand before where he bet the second pair on the river the
guy called with trips top trips and he said oh I was hoping I’d scare you off
that so we know he’s not a very deep thinker but let’s proceed with the hands
action pulls us in the big blind I have about four hundred and twenty thousand
and Jack deuce off suit I think all options are on the table here as crazy
as it sounds I think about three betting trying to win it free and game the post
flop range advantage but I think a plat is good too and you know we can we can
navigate some some boards the flop comes Queen ten nine two hearts
we’re open-ended I check he checks half three checks I’m putting him on hands
like a sigh that mist under pairs or maybe just bottom pair no nothing too
great the turn brings a deuce which does give us a pair so now we beat always a
size we check and now he bets 40,000 I’m pretty big bet
what’s your prepping here because you have something like ace Jack ace king
pair in a straight draw not sure but I think we can definitely put in a call
and see what happens on the river the river is an off suit six I check and he
bets 40,000 again a very weak bet I think he’s trying to take me to value
town with bottom or middle pair I don’t think our deuce is good enough to call
with so this is a great time to go for the check jam he has a hundred and
seventy thousand total chips plenty of fold equity although he seems like a
recreational player I don’t think he’s gonna call his tournament off with a
marginal top hair or even button even bottom to pair I’m wrapping
a straight to pair plus I have the straight block with the Jack and I have
bottom set blocked if that’s relevant at all
so we shove all in he thinks for about two seconds and tosses in the call I
guess I read him wrong I show my Jack deuce and he shows ten eight off suit
second pair eight kicker we now have two hundred thousand ships the river check-raise bluff in live
tournaments is very rare it’s almost always value felt like I had to go with
it this time with relevant blockers unfortunately I’m officially the worst
blocker in the world and don’t worry guys I know I won’t try it again don’t
be mad at me but the good news is we fold it into the
money and we have 200,000 going to 8,000 16,000 with 40 minute big blind 40
minute blinds so we can definitely run this stack up and cruise to the final
table we’re not giving up yet all right that blinds at a 12 24 I’m
sitting with over 400 K I opened an early position with pocket fours I make
it 50,000 folds around to the small blind playing an 8 handed table 30 year
old male white he he has the American card room badge on I’m sitting there
HIDA let’s to go all-in for 330 folds back to me I don’t go on the tank
I look up see how many more big blinds it is it’s about 10 to 13 big blinds I’m
thinking man maybe this guy got AIDS King maybe ace queen maybe you names
Jack suited think for a while I put in the call the guy shows pocket jacks dealer rolls out clop ten four five I’m
pumped I’m pumped let’s go only two outs paid the two
outer turn Jack River ten put me down to five big wines with blinds at fifteen thousand thirty
thousand first hand back from break I’m under the gun with King Queen off suit
so I make it seventy thousand out of the gun plus two makes it a hundred and
fifty thousand of seven hundred and thirty thousand to start at the hand and
it folds back to me good call good jam or I could just play it safe and fold
this guy hasn’t gotten too out of line so we just lay down
King Queen with blinds at 15:30 action folds the cut off who raises 265
thousand I have six hundred thousand and Queen ten of diamonds good flat buddy’s
been pretty active so I’m just going to jam all in with my suited Broadway’s
everyone folds and we pick up 100k pocket sixes under the gun plus two and
I shove all in for seven hundred and twenty thousand we’re currently seven or
eight hand old recreational players pretty pretty crazy snap calls it off
button tanks and eventually folds ace-queen he says and we’re heads up
verse H 10 off suit let’s hold here’s the video yes did you win I’m devastated cutoff raises I’m on the button with
pocket fours I shove all in for 220,000 he calls with King eight of clubs the
board bricks out and we double up the very next hand action folds to us in the
hijack we have East deuce of clubs and 500,000
shove all in cutoff goes all in for 700,000 blinds fold we’re up against
pocket nines he stands up and starts pacing around flop comes ten seven six
the turn is a nine and the rivers are seven and we’re out of the venetian $600
750 K hundred and forth plays for $1,800 that’s right for binds oh no I’m sorry
three bytes for a net profit of just over $1,200 I love tournament poker but
the good news is my buddy Bobby is now heads up at the Aria Grill Poker Tour
$550 xanga poker whatever big 200k up top so
we’re gonna head over to Aria and sweat this heads-up battle let’s get it you

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100 thoughts on “Will I Win $187,233 Today?

  1. MAD at you???? He made a losing long term call. You can't bluff the ignorant… unless he had some sort of live tell? I would have folded.

  2. GG again Jeff. I'm probably result oriented but i think utg2 is a too earlier position for shoving 23bb. Sorry for my English i'm (not stinky) frenchman

  3. You’re better than that . You know better than trying to bluff a donkey. It’s the same result on a 1/3 game

  4. were you tilted at all with the last hand A 2 for 17 BB? Right after immediate double, 500k on a 30k bb. Trying to understand your thought process in this type of situation. Thanks for the great vid, run it up next time!

  5. Donk call with 10,8 off and also that A,10 off call for his tournament life. How is it those players get so lucky. I'm telling you Boski you'll prevail in the long run.

  6. Good job folding the KQ off to the 4 bet. Last year you would have shoved with that hand and be dominated.

  7. If the hand that should have called you the AQ instead of A10 you get the double there and then you don’t need to shove the A2. Gross how tournaments have these sequential events that lead to rewards or ruin.

  8. Let me try and understand your play here…Guy bets into player with single pair knowing he has trips… so you want to play a pot with him with J2 off? Your better then that bud

  9. Quit trying to rep hands against bad players. They don’t know any better. You can’t bluff an idiot!!!!!!!!!

  10. I'm not a fan of the 66 shove. I think a raise to about 120 will have the same effect as a shove right there and you're not risking your entire stack. But I probably would have donked off my chips long before then, so good run.

  11. So, is there a Perfect Sidekick convention at Sheldon’s house? First Big Bodyguard Guy in the last vlog, now the absolute lock for Best Guest Performance in a Hand Breakdown. That’s vlog run good.

  12. Did you win? I thought I won. I’m sorry I’m excited. I’m DEVASTATED. 😂 sorry bro that was a classic line.

  13. Congrats on the deep run and another cash!! Just need to catch a break towards the end like that hand vs A/10. Keep it going Boski!

  14. I know why you in a hurry to aria . You got action on your buddy. I’d go sit and watch someone make me money everyday of the week. lol

  15. Folding K Q to such a small raise seems a little too nitty. If you were planning to fold to a raise with that hand maybe it's better to limp call. The video was great though, keep it up

  16. Deep Thinker.. hahahahaha Crack me up! 🙂 Dang it hard to bluff the calling station. I like your guest appearances.

  17. Jeff – I'm really enjoying the interviews/appearances by your opponents in the last couple videos. Really adds a twist and different perspective to those hands.

  18. LOL flipped the hand break down. I don’t get how u went from 5 big blinds back to 720k? Did I miss something

  19. Good job at cashing mate and thanks again for taking us on your ride with you.. Hard to bluff those who don’t get game theory / bet sizing etc. the other side is they don’t seem to be bluffing against you often, (apart from the A Dimond guy) and luv your play bro. It’s on its way… the six figure day…. 🙂

  20. Good to see you back to what got you back 2back wins .i remember when your timed aggression was near flawless..ive been a fan since the beginning…you will run hot again. Was not random your back2 back wins …thats when you were in full control . Shot out to clyde @duke

  21. nice play in the j2 hand. read it perfect ; small blocker bets on the river like this are almost always weak. just ran into a guy who s just randomly clicking buttons. with 66 utg+2 8 handed is it a recommended shove? or is it more your style to play it a bit more aggressive? it seems like with over 20 blinds you can find a better spot to jam over an open or jam a medium strength hand like that from later position.

  22. Love your vlog Jeff! You play great poker, but seem to always have a big hand or two where you make the wrong play and self-destruct. I instantly fold the Jack 2 and pocket 4's hand in your position. Wish you the best of luck!!

  23. Ok bro I know u know this but ur in the top tier of thinkers (ur f*ckin smarter than 95% of these yardbirds) so u need to "dumb down" ur play against these nimrods!!! Awsum soundtrack as always!!!

  24. Keep putting quality out. Soon the poker world will see your creativity. Villains pov was an example of that.

  25. Love your aggressive style of play. But after accumulating a large stack please slow down a bit. Protect your chips. But what do I know? Certainly not as much as you. Can't wait to see you at a final table in one of these tournaments. Good luck!

  26. oh god u guys playing really bad. j 2 off suit and 44 calls the shove. people blessed with money to play high stakes does'nt really value them… so sick 🙁

  27. Jeff, Aggression can be great in poker just like sometimes Par can be great in golf. Good luck in the future tourneys.

  28. The check-raise bluff was fine. Just fold freaking jack-2 offsuit!!! Defending the big blind is one thing, defending with j-2 off is another.

  29. A-10 went all in with you? That wasn’t a good spot for him. If you got that through that would have been a different ball game with that extra 400k plus.

    Great job in getting deep in the Tournament💪🏿

  30. The A2s jam in the HJ was a punt with 17 BB. The only way this jam makes sense if the players acting after you have 10 BB or less. Love your vlogs man, but slow down when you are this deep in the tournie. 90% of the players at your table don't understand ICM, and you have a post-flop and positional advantage most of the time when you just raise to 2 BB.

  31. I love the thumbnails. Those are the true golden globes. Curious about Jacks v 4s. Was that your hand against him? He have 4s and you Jacks or vice versa?

  32. "I'm Only Here for The Boobs n Ass, Oh wait, there's Poker too?? It's good to be Alive!! 😎♦Bag♠And❤Tag♣

  33. Peeking into screen from above with someone else sitting next to you is filmmaking magic. – Great effect !

  34. From now on please have guests remove chewing gum, dip or other chewing accessories when reviewing hands. Thanks alot, your viewing audience…😀

  35. I think that the shtick with someone just standing there while you explaining a hand history is getting pretty old,
    I think it is the time to move on from doing that , anyway just a suggestion (maybe others like it , maybe it is only me).

  36. Villain commentary in your style was AWESOME. Cool guy for doing it, I hope he ran his stack back up. Your poker and vlogging skills are both on fire right now. Seriously LOVE this channel, Broski.

  37. Jeff, I was wondering what it is you don't like about the Trooper? He seems like a nice guy in his videos.

  38. WTF…. 114 players remain and shove $720,000 with 66, come on man!!! You had to be bored to played that reckless!!

  39. So boski is there gonna be a video for the main or not this year? just gonna play your poker and concentrate on it?

  40. Every Sunday at 3pm PST is the $55 Live Cage Qualifier. Win your $8,000 package to Costa Rica ONLY on Americas Cardroom! My live Cage Vlog > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCH2qKbrdOI

  41. Boski! You cracked a smile when you hit the J on the turn for a set vs the set of 4's. You couldn't keep a poker face as a stand-in in your own vlog! Unbelievable!

  42. Have you considered the fact that everyone who knows you knows your all-in is more than 50% complete bluff, and 25% small-medium pair? That may not be accurate, but it may be an accurate idea of what everyone thinks.

  43. LOL 😂

    Did you will…. I thought I won !!!lol

    I don’t like the shove but 🤷‍♂️ it’s poker that late you were made going to a coin flip gotta win those…

    I’d never put my stack at risk with A/10 off so you would of gotten it by me

  44. And they say live poker is dead, just keep putting them on hands you’re marginally ahead of guys…and that comment was not directed at anyone in particular but at ALL OF YOU!

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