Win at Poker Using Card Counting Techniques : Probability & the Art of Winning at Poker

I am Joe Marshall with Expert
and today we are going to learn how to win at poker. We mentioned earlier, it is important
to memorize the probabilities of each hand. Another thing you might want to do is if you
are having a private game have just the basic chart. A buddy of mine made this where each
chip color coded gives the value. This is the ranking of the ten hands we went over
in order and if you know the probability its almost as good as a card counting or close
to it because if you know you have a full house, then you know that it is 693 chances
to one that you are going to have it. The chances of somebody else in the table having
it is next to none and it’s very unlikely that somebody is going to have something better.
It’s basically a one in four chances that somebody would as opposed to one in ten chances
if they just had a pair. And that’s why it is very important to memorize this because
if you do they can give you the advantage that most people don’t have because no one
will ever take the time to try to memorize all that and with you memorizing it, you will
be able to tell where your position is, where you stand as opposed to where other people
stand, most other people are only playing on dumb luck and if know exactly where everybody
is standing it is just as good as knowing the cards they are holding.

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66 thoughts on “Win at Poker Using Card Counting Techniques : Probability & the Art of Winning at Poker

  1. this video is nonsense. starting hands + position + pot odds & drawing odds and of course your reads. Card counting by mathematical virtue is an equation of complete information, poker is never complete information. you cannot compare the two. what a moron!!

  2. LOL its awesome!!
    please let us know where do you play online?
    and what screename do you use?
    we want to watch you and learn how you ripe off everyone..
    LOL awesome.. keep posting videos!!

  3. This guy doesn't know how to play poker… 1/4 better than a full house against 1/10 better than a pair… also if you have a full house, the chances of someone else having one aren't as small because it means the board must have paired (at least once, if not twice)…

    This guy needs to learn stats… and then their insignificance in poker (at least in terms of "chance that I/they get a full house" – that's BS)

  4. so how he itches his face, he knows he is the one who is dumb, listen to nothing expert village are milking out

  5. I'll be damn, this one is AWESOME! No bullshit, – do you even realise, that you just told us THE BIGGEST POKER STRATEGY SECRET in the Universe?!
    I guess, from now on i should try myself in WSOP 2010! My God, give me your address – I'll check you for 10 million $!!!

  6. I didn't learn anything!! WTF.. Dude this must be a video for college where you film a session of something that you know and get a grade.. This doesn't help anybody in everybody's opinion.. Just stick to playing with kids..

  7. i tell you if you met 9 people ion the tournament and you won one of the nine seats then i will clap my hand baby! you can lay 52 cards and you have none!…cause you never tried winning any seats!

  8. rofl, this is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Knowing the ranking of hands is like counting cards lol. Yeah, right.

  9. If u dont know what beats what and your probability at all times u shouldnt even play for money…no shit pal this video is useless

  10. Everything i've seen from expert village hasnt been good. lol

    I like it when he says. You will have an advantage remembering all these, because no one else does.. 😛

  11. thats pretty much bad advice..
    well its not bad advice but this is the very very basic factor.. if u tell someone they'll win 700 to 1 with a full house, alot of ppl will lose their stacks on a full house that every good poker player knows is overthrown..

  12. @FordPerfect It's funn because if you hold two pair or a full house it actually increases the odds of someone else holding a full house.. (by an extremely small percentage but card removal factors implies the opposite.)

  13. @johnsmith7490 its funny how bad player alway blame the "rigged" site for there bad play ..learn to play correctly and use a HUD like poker tracker

  14. one thing i dont get is how its based on probability. if you flip a coin 50 times, the probabilty is that it will land on heads and tails both 25 times. but that never happens. its usually 15 to 35 or something close to that. i didnt say it doesnt work, just saying i dont get it. but then i again i went to a normal college, not MIT

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