Win at Poker Using Card Counting Techniques : Strategies for Winning at Poker for Beginners

I am Joe Marshall with Expert
and today we are going to learn how to win at poker. I wanted to cover a couple of strategies
that are easily forgotten but they are some of the best ways to ensure a win. In draw
poker, the most common draw poker is Jacks or better. That’s when you have a pair of
Jacks or better and you can only play or start opening bet if you have that. For example,
if the first player that has been dealt to has Jacks or better, he will actually open
the bet and place his bet. This is kind of a bad situation for him as a strategy because
now he has to wait for everybody at the table to go out and make their decisions and they
know since he opened the bet that he has at least Jacks or better in his hand. So they
can bet heavy and try to force him out making him think that they have three of a kind,
flush, full house or they would generally may have that and try to force them out well.
So acting first and opening up in Jacks or better is sometimes a bad situation to be
in. However, if you are the dealer you act last. Everybody around the table has checked,
you know that they don’t have Jacks or better to open the game and at that point if you
have Jacks or better, that is when your hand becomes a really strong position to play in.
And you can start the bet and everybody else is forced to fold or stay in and hope for
the best. And another common thing that people do the best way mathematically to improve
their pair of Jacks or better is that they discard three cards and let the dealer give
them three new cards. That is good but it also tells everybody at the table that you
have a pair. A better way to do it is to only discard two of the three cards keeping one
card as a kicker and that will kind of play a little bit of psychology on the people at
the table making them think that you probably have three of a kind and you are maybe trying
for a full house or something like that. So these are all things you want to think about
when you are playing the game strategies and little things like that positioning of where
you are sitting, that you can mess with the other players because it is the game of skill.
It’s also a game of psychology though. If you are putting fear in somebody by placing
their bet and their money is on the line, they don’t want to lose it, the risk is
too high for them, they are going to full and you are going to win what’s in the pot.

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12 thoughts on “Win at Poker Using Card Counting Techniques : Strategies for Winning at Poker for Beginners

  1. i can explain all that in 10 seconds, if you raise under the the gun you have a hand or you are bluffing strong, if you call under the gun you are hoping to catch a draw, or you are an idiot

  2. rofl i love how he explains first position and is like its bad when you bet out with jacks even tho he has no idea about position rofl

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