Woodworking Elves Make Christmas Happen For Kids in Need

(light new age music) – [Bob] We wanna leave
here with no toys and we want to clear
out our inventory have a complete sale day today. – [Katy] Some of Santa’s
best workers are snowbirds. – We put a rush on them to
get as many made as we can until they leave out in March
and April of every year. – [Mother] Look! – [Katy] These elves
have set up shop in The Villages, Florida and this party is a day they
plan for all year ’round. – I used to play golf
three days a week, in December I don’t
play any days a week. – [Katy Widrick] Why? – Gotta prepare for this. – [Katy] The Villages
woodworker’s club cranked out 3,500 handmade toys to
help make the holidays a little brighter for a
very special group of kids. – It’s exciting, because
I’m sure a lot of them have not seen these
many toys ever. So its got to be exciting. – Means a lot to
the kids, a lot. (chuckles) You know? They deserve it! They’ve been good! – From dolls to puzzles,
boats to trains. The kids get to come on stage and pick whatever
toys they want. Gifts from men and women who
say they get just as much joy out of the event as the kids do. Do you think it’s
important to them to have people like you
that they can look at kinda like a grandparent? – Oh, I think so. I think they’ll remember
this a long time from now. Good feeling. Good feeling for everybody. – [Katy] Does it feel like work? – No, not really. Since I’ve retired, there’s a
phrase that I’ve used and used a number of times,
in my lifetime, I have two chances to be a
kid and I’m gonna to plan to get it right this
time. (chuckles) – [Katy] It certainly
looks like a party designed for kids of all ages
with clowns, cookies, and Christmas decorations. – You can see the smiles
on their faces, and ‘course a lot of them came
for the cookies naturally, so did I. (laughs) – [Katy] But the adults
hope that these children take home much more than a toy. – It’s love, pure love that
they do this for our children. – Merry Christmas. (light music)

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