World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Cinematic Trailer

Ours is a cycle of hatred. Alliances forged and broken. We have paid the price for sharing this world. and we have forgotten what makes us strong. Close ranks! Advance as one! Lordaeron will be ours! My king, we have her cornered. Keep firing! For the Horde! Push forward! Anduin! Stand as one! For the Alliance!

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100 thoughts on “World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Cinematic Trailer

  1. Me when the trailer came out: Oh wow I bet thereโ€™s gonna be a lot of awesome quests all over Azeroth that depict the ongoing battle between the Alliance and the Horde

    When the expansion came out: A tUrTlE mAdE iT tO tHe WaTeR

  2. Anduin beating up random orcs : "Yeah, I think I'm getting the hang of hand-to-hand combat!"

    The second Saurfang shows up: "ohfuckohfuckohfuckohfuckohfuckohfuckohfuckohfuck"

  3. they did not do tauren any justice in this cinematic. They are not relentless Charging bulls straight in without any plan ir thought. Ugh. Stupid ppl who know nothing about Tauren

  4. how long will sylvanas be a evil bad guy? We have been like this for 2 years, the day this changes maybe it doesn't matter to anyone anymore… harde we use to love her and after 2 years… just we dont know … maybe its a great history but 2 years thinking she is the evil and whorst guy ever its just too much …. and it doesnt worth doesnt matter the end of the history …., its 2 years aready !!!!!!!!

  5. Watches cinematic trailer:,,Wow this game must be so f*cking epic." Watches gameplay:,, Kill 20 boars and some wolfs." hmmmm XD

  6. After learning of what Sylvannas did, she has some nerve saying "For the Horde!" later in that battle, she is the one who brought this upon them.

  7. I wish our spells looked more amazing. Even with all the updates, they're increadabky outdated. DH toss glaive for example; it doesn't show the glaive you have logged, it shows a generic green.

  8. should rename the expansion to battle for a cash grab, if u guys actually spend time in making a good game instead of just the cinematics then it might work instead of ur dwindling playerbase and you guys pumping out expansions just to get abit of money. this is what happens when u get taken over by activision ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Being a banshee certainly has its perks. For one thing, your voice will DEFINITELY carry across the battlefield.

    Also, FOR THE HORDE!

  10. I just noticed something about the part where Aundiun heals everyone. He looks around the battlefield at his troops battered then looks at his sword which he got from his Farther after he died and he immediately gets emotional as he drops his sword and heals everyone. His farther would have just kept fighting however Aundiun realized at that moment that his farther was preparing him in his own way to lead the alliance to victory after he was gone. It seems as he looks at the sword asking his Farther for help or atleast wondering what his farther would have done at that moment. At the end, King Varian Wrynn said that he basically sacrificed himself "For The Alliance" before he died. I believe Aundiun at this moment was drawing on the pain and sorrow he felt from his Farther getting killed which he attributes to Sylvanas leaving him at the moment he trusted the Horde. He used all that energy to heal all his troops which normally isn't a small act, in the lore side at least. The emotions are coming from the act he is performing to heal his men, and what he wish he was able to do to bring back his farther. He feels as he has to win this fight "For The Alliance" but also For his Farther who died saving everyone. After all, he did what a King Must Do.

  11. i watched this cinematic at restaurant.. when sylvanas scream "For The Horde".. i feel im in the fight too and i punched random people at the restaurant ..

  12. I always had high hopes that the game would look like the trailers in the far future.
    in 2009 it still looked cartoonish, while 2019 was still much cartoon-like.
    Glad I quited a year after the launch of WoTLK.

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