World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Features Overview

The Jailer of the Damned. A grim task… …which I have failed. Now the eternal veil screams, torn asunder… by her. Within the Realm of Shadow lies the darkest of terrors… …which should never be set free. The Shadowlands are infinite. Their terrors and beauty were never meant for mortal eyes. I wonder if they can bear to behold all that awaits them. The denizens of this realm are the key to restoring the balance between life and death… …if their trust can be earned. Death comes. And the end of everything… …is just the beginning.

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100 thoughts on “World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Features Overview

  1. Is narrator's voice the actual voice who whispered Arthas when he took the crown and sat on Frozen Throne? That would make sense.

  2. Vanilla=Wrath>MoP>BC>>>>Cata=Legion>>>>>>>>>>>BfA>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>WoD. My opinion, this x-pac will be another BfA.

  3. I'm so mad that there's no necromancer class. This was the opportunity for it to be introduced. DKs are not necromancers, they're DKs. Blizzard has the creativity to make them different enough. Yet they chose not to.

  4. Rather have fewer features than a list of gimmicks….. Garrisons, Warfronts, Islands, Mission tables. Why are people upset? Maybe we will get better core gameplay this way?

  5. soooo did Kil'Jaeden know about this veil when he made the Lich King? Was he so powerful that he made the helm of domination into some kind of gateway/"veil" (whatever that means) between the "shadowlands" and the living world? How tf does this fit into everything? This "shadowland" feels more like another typical realm/place than an entirely new dimension that's designated for all those who have died…
    This "jailer" also seems like a really poorly written big-bad. Hopefully we get some answers because the lore seems pretty disappointing at this point…

  6. No level cap, no new class, no new race, nothing new and cool. So whats the point.

    Not played the game since Nighthold in Legion and honestly this trailer doesn't make me want to come back.

  7. if this is it, wow will die with shadowlands.. look at BfA.. only 2m active subs.. wotlk had 12m!! ur doing something wrong blizzard.. bfa is almost dead, now give us shadowlands with even less features then bfa has.. u kill the series man!

  8. Still keeping Pathfinder because the gated flying is part of a blatant whale hunting strategy. Just like in gambling, maintain some sense of disatisfaction so the player keeps spending in the hopes of being satisfied. Just… ew

  9. But we've added faeries! And we've copied Darksiders 1 to create an angels vs. demons theme with even the same graphics!

  10. I would only prepurchase if we would get a new class or race.. or atleast something completly new.. its basically legion/draenor 2.0..

  11. So anyone have an idea of who the shadow dude with the glowy eyes is? Sylvana's lover dude…whats his name again….

  12. I buy a new world of Warcraft add-on every time but don't play it.Dear developers Blizzard why do you every time,come up with a new system of pumping after taking the maximum level of the character?And every time at the end of the Supplement is not what you need!You have already introduced level scaling borrowing it from other games .So borrow already a good system bleeder from the other game I beg you!!I played almost all MMO games worthy of attention.The best I've seen is a champion points system in Elder Scrolls Online.15 years others enjoyed your ideas, so take you 1 good,NOT WE NEED TO INVENT A BICYCLE!

  13. soooo we farm rep to get new armors?… AGAIN? how is that even a new feature! you better add something better than just new armor and weapon for farming rep with covenants!

  14. Everyones complaining how this features video was underwhelming, which it was.. but if you look back at the other features videos there are only a few things thats different. BFA had islands and warfronts which were a total flop and the artifact neck, legion had order halls (which are like covenants) and the artifact and the introduction of m+ (which that too people are getting bored of) wod had garrisons, mop had challenge mode, cata had world revamp.

    I think we as players have been greedy as to what we want in an expansion. Classic, bc, wrath were all the same really with cut and dry.. level, dungeon, raid, endgame activity that came with a patch. They cut this features video short because they wanted to save the reveal for the presentation. Imagine if the video said "Level to 60!!!!!" without context, as well as the new player experience, it just doesn't hype veteran players up. "hey we removed some rng and ap grinding mechanics!!! what a feature guys!" thats no feature but its HUGE for us players.

    Lets talk actual features though, even ones that werent mentioned in the video.

    New player zone, new leveling experience, each level is rewarding
    5 New zones, one hub
    Level from 50-60 (leveling revamp-ish)
    Tower of the Damned
    Legendaries are part of the tower progression
    Raids and dungeons/M+ (Still duh)
    Class changes, bringing a focus back to CLASS identity with old spells etc

    Let me finish with, yes the list is short for now, but so is every other list. Warfronts and islands were bad and may as well not be a feature. AP grind from BOTH legion and bfa players did not like. Legion and Shadowlands have an endgame zone. Surumar and The Maw AT LAUNCH. The others had them come in a final patch.

    Less is more. I would rather have 2 REALLY GOOD systems than 15 REALLY BAD ones!

  15. Every expansion, the same thing. They said its the literal afterlife. Yet two feet planted on stable ground just like every where else with dull drab textures. More armor and factions.. cities, zones, the same boring recycled rehashed thing, over and over. Its brain dead. No new mechanics, nothing to risk, and nothing you do actually makes any difference.
    Probably everyone can become a Litch king now.

  16. 98% of the comment : Copy pasta of negativity, want new classes while don’t played all spec already and don’t even mastered one. Want necromancer but never played Unholy death knight beacause they just want the name like Diablo. People blaming it’s Diablo but want necromancer from Diablo (remember necromancer == death knight). People blaming this expansion is like a new expansion with new zone and new systems. People blaming of reputation and grinding and want to go back to classic ( remember this systems exist since classic but they are just blind ). People looking comment to know if they must play a game while they enjoy and play the game.

    2% of the comment : People that keep positive attitude and don’t follow people who blame everything to be part of a group/meme movement and enjoy the current game, love the feature content and get fun from the current game. And are hyped from the next expansion and the new systems of convenant.

    Only 2% of people understand how to enjoy a game while 98% of them by following blaming and reading negative comment can’t enjoy the game. To enjoy the game it’s not about what think other people but to play the reason you like in the game. If you don’t like MMORPG and the system of « progression and evolution » of your character then you are asking thing that never gonna happen in World of Warcraft.

    Remember to keep a positive attitude.

  17. this is just the first video i think there are much more features what are you all thinking this is just a little taste it's still a lot of time
    December 2020 😂😁

  18. Did you know that in Hong Kong federal prisons, people organs are harvested and sold on the black market, leaving prisoners without vital organs to fend off infections and they die a slow painful death.

    But please, get your dollar Blizzzard. Hope you enjoy the Chinese money cause you’re not getting my American money.

  19. hu? As a preson not played wow in 10 years i wonder what happend to this game, do people really still play this? Looks super horrible imo.

  20. Just signal the pantheon and they will take care of things since they're power is restored problem solved NEXT EXPANSION PLEASE!

  21. Blizzard must seriously think that this game needs some drastic changes. Shut it down and remake it all over so us old players find something interesting in this boring game and return.

  22. So how is the shirtguy getting tickets every year. When I had been sitting in line with three computers and two cell phones on one gig upload and 1 gig download internet along with 15 milliseconds of ping. been in line to purchase the tickets and the tickets got purchase out from under me. It seems to me like blizzard at either giving him tickets or do to their field ticket system no one gets tickets but scalpers then you could go on eBay and buy the tickets off the scalpers for $1,500 even though blizzard should force eBay to not sell them unless it's under a certain price say the tickets are $200 so you can sell them for 250 for your time and effort. Not 1500 the 3000 they are scalping and stealing from blizzard. seeing its blizzards product that they are reselling at a higher markup price than what blizzard actually sells it. If people actually looked into what's scalping is they would not buy the tickets off eBay and the ones that do the tickets should be voided. As blizzard should be able to ask eBay what email account is associated with the ticket then ban every ticket that was sold from thatblizzard would still get the thousand dollars from the five tickets at the scalper but but the scaffold would be getting any money in return.

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