World Series Of Poker $1,500 MILLIONAIRE Maker Tournament!

we did it guys
20,000 subscribers two and a half years one tournament professional with an
iPhone and the free iMovie app over 300 vlogs it finally happened
of course 20,000 is a very small amount compared to other channels such as
iPhone unboxings or MUC being eating competitions or even toy playing
channels it takes a lot of skill to put a camera in front of your kid playing
with a toy but alas poker is a niche market niche each niche market and I’m
doing the best I can with what I got hope you guys are entertained I wanted
to thank each and every one of you the viewers for subscribing commenting
liking it all helps with the algorithm get more exposure get more people
interested in the channel even if you don’t like poker you might be interested
in the lifestyle and what it takes to be a professional poker player for 14 years
without scamming or going broke it’s a tough road I don’t recommend it it’s not
all glamour there’s a lot of pain as you’ve seen I hope you guys enjoy the
realism of my channel the monotone voice the dry humor the easter eggs and the
hidden references stay tuned hopefully it’s a very very good summer
let’s go to the Rio World Series of Poker time $1500 millionaire maker 1
tournament one bullet and I can be a millionaire it’s that easy we’re gonna
have to take some risks a lot of loose Gamble’s that have to work out in our
favor we play our cards right we’ll be walking away with seven figures let’s
get it the 2019 World Series of Poker
millionaire maker event for playing to win if we’re wrong we’re gonna live with
the consequences no tight folds we don’t give up today’s our tournament to win
let’s go let’s get it we are here at the Rio with an up-and-coming vlogger TJ
behind the grind check out his YouTube channel it’s gonna be big good to be
here 25,000 starting stack we’re in the small
blind first hand action folds to the cutoff who makes it 300 the button makes
it 800 and we’re in the small blind with two red aces very first hand 250 blinds
no better time to put in the cold for ball three thousand ships is the bet
original RAZR folds and button calls putting on a pretty tight range mainly
big pairs small pairs Ace King ace Queen type a hand flop comes queen nine three
two diamonds he could have pocket queens you could
have pocket nines let’s make it look like we missed with ace king I check any
checks the turn is a jack not a great card you could definitely up Jack’s so
we check again and he checks the rivers an eight not a good card either he could
have tens or could have eights we check again he checks behind and we win 60
blind pot first hand blinds are 100 100 to make it 300 in the cutoff button
calls and the big blind calls flop comes East King eight two diamonds one Spade
we got the bead EFT we got the nut straight draw and more importantly range
advantage action checks to us and I bet 600 the button folds and the big blind
check raises me to 1600 what’s he rapid AC caca dates King gate
no respect I could call here and continue to hit a
spade or a jack on the turn or we could try to put max pressure on and put in
the three bet I make it 4500 he’s got to respect our range we have all the ace
Kings aces and Kings but he puts in the call all right
the turn is a five of hearts a brick and he starts thinking about it and he leads
out into us what the hell is going on six thousand ships is his bet I can’t
continue I put in the fold he’s a fan of the vlog and he claims he
had a seat all right we’re now on first break with 26,500
tables very friendly everyone’s having a good time
a lot of chatter two hours at a time oh yes shuttle when you’re standing in
the longhouse bathroom line with 500 people and you look behind you
and Geoff Bowes he is staying right behind Michael on car on Instagram
ladies and gentlemen check him out with blinds I have 100 300 300 viewer
the vlog just tilted from hero calling with ace high and was incorrect against
another ace high better kicker that he was bluffing with raises 800 middle
position I’m on the button with ace king off suit he started this hand with about
6500 chips I three bet to 2500 action folds to him and he shoves all in and
says here you go I call he has six seven of Hearts the flop comes Queen Jack
deuce two hearts the turn is Jack and the river is an
East we eliminate a player right now on second break with 40,000 ships with blinds at 200 400 400 under the gun
plus three are ly ly a famous movie star opens to 900 we’re next to act with East
King offsuit mandatory 3bet spot make it 3200 action folds back to her she has
about 12,000 to start the hand if she shoves over Collin she eventually folds
and we take it down shout out to her with blinds at 300 500 500 we’re ten
handed Asian male age 35 to 60 opens under the gun to 1,100 action folds to
me in the low Jack I have two black Jack’s good flat I could respect the end
of the gun raised or we could isolate put in a smaller three bad just to get
heads up or take it down pre make it 30 200 action folds to the button and he
puts in the call a very rare flat call of a three button position action falls
under the gun who folds were heads up the flop comes eight seven deuce to
diamonds a great flop for my black Jack’s let’s put in a value bet his
flattening range was gonna consist of a lot of mid pairs East Queen Ace King
maybe even king queen suited type hands so we wanted to deny equity from the
overs and get value from hands like nines and tens small chance he’s trapped
with aces or something so after I bet 3,000 he puts in the call the turns the
King of Hearts putting two flush draws on the board I think it’s still good to
go for value in this spot you could have ace queen of diamonds Queen of Hearts
you could also have pocket nines or pocket tens which are all ahead of so I
put in a small value about a 50-100 he thinks about it for awhile and makes it
20,000 go have 27,000 behind what do you do in
this spot I fold a little while later I ask what
he had and he says set of eights we’ve been very friendly so I believed him
unlucky for us lucky for pocket eights action folds to
be in the hijack I opened it up to 1,300 with a state of hearts the button calls
and the big blind calls flop comes Jack Jack deuce one heart great flop for our
range big blind checks I bet 1500 button folds and big blind
calls big blind can have a lot of hands like do sacks some small pairs and
occasionally a jack X when the turn brings the king I think this is a great
card to barrel in case we have king queen ace king we’re still gonna bet for
value here and of course continue with our jack ax combos after he checks I bet
2500 repin either a Jack or King both very reasonable of course we have a nice
high trying to get him to fold his mid pairs he puts in the call the rivers our
queen I think he assumes we’re not gonna three barrel if we don’t have at least a
king that’s what we’re repping he checks and I bet 5500 with 10000 behind he goes
in the tank and shoves all in nice trap the jig is up
and we’re now down to 10,000 with blinds at 300 600 in the middle
position with and pocket kings could open jam but we’re trying to get some
value make it 1300 cutoff calls button calls and the big blind calls no
ace on the flop dealer flop comes ace eight seven rainbow and I check fold
those blinds at 300 600 under the gun plus one makes it 1,300 the cutoff calls
were on the button with two tens and 7500 chips I should show some respect to
the early position raiser probably not the flattered but thing is a pretty
standard show we’re all in for 7,500 small blind isolates elderly Caucasian
male from Florida makes it 18,000 that’s not good
the other two players fold we show our tens he looks across the table and says
only because you guys keep talking about it and how lucky it is in shows pocket
eats we’re way ahead big double plus some dead money incoming and we got
video Oh sir you good I’m Jeff hey Jeff nice
to meet you nice to meet you I’m not you before no I seen you on TV CLE you know
who I am of course the jacket do the pictures
yeah what is up everybody I am joined by the one and only jeff Bosque who by the
way just was in the recent poker news because of some sort of fight that went
down someone was saving a poor woman who was
getting in a fight with her boyfriend and you were there to document the whole
thing so I feel like maybe you might someday do my job like you have a little
bit of a career and what’s actually happening news on the floor it’s a very
exciting occupation I looked into it I almost went to Reno to hang out with
bend each to learn how to be a news reporter but the poker bug has got me so
here I am he’s right here with us which is way more fun let’s be honest who
wants to see women getting their butts kicked anyways me sometimes but don’t
tell anybody that all right so we’re gonna play a game of this or that it’s
exactly like what it sounds two things you choose one or the other
hmm here we go gets low rolled or get bluffed bluffed Twitter or Instagram
Twitter cardi B or Nicki Minaj cardi be my girl aces in a 3-way or ace-king
suited heads-up Ace King suited anytime I love Ace King suited to of course bust
on the bubble or bust first hand boss first hand much more economical I mean
everyone says that that’s like the easy answer but I’m not sure okay
cash winning a huge cash pot or a huge tournament pot a huge tournament nothing
beats the rush that’s right straddle or bomb pot straddle for sure Mississippi
straddle or regular straddle a Mississippi more action all right a
bracelet like a like a 1k bracelet title or WPT title bracelet for sure since
I’ve never made a final table here in 12 years
that’s really sad you guys but this is the one we’ve been waiting it’s 2019 is
the one okay chip leader going into the final table or short stacked four handed
I definitely chip leader so you can just boss the whole table it’s pure ecstasy
except for like nine times out of ten that person does not win I’ve seen it
happen a million times okay hero call or get a huge Bluff through a hero call
with Queen High has a recent one for me really puts the whole table in awe
they’re like what the hell just happened hero calls always my favorite to watch –
okay gif or Jif oh yes see everyone this always gets everyone they’re always like
what is that what does that mean and I’m like okay fine forget it you’re a person
this is a clear question with a very important answer okay and finally iOS or
Android iOS I feel like we could get along pretty well well I absolutely wish
that this would be the one for you year 2019 but for those who want to follow
your journey for those who want to check out you know on a more regular basis if
you’re not on the where can they find you on YouTube I put out a
couple of logs every week at Jeff boesky on YouTube you can find me on Twitter at
I see you are a rook Facebook Instagram all Jeff boesky poker and also he has
the best thumbnails on the youtubes so you guys stuff even if you just go to
scroll through the thumbnails just do it both ski I’m still hearing you guys are
with us here on poker news calm

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100 thoughts on “World Series Of Poker $1,500 MILLIONAIRE Maker Tournament!

  1. Behind the Grind Vlog –

    Eat well at the WSOP by getting a meal package from Use referral code "Boski" when ordering your meal plan

  2. Jeff, you should sell T-shirts that say "Caucasian Male age 30-65", etc. I think those would be great sellers!

  3. When I check raise out of position I feel like it’s a standard move to lead the turn oop. I usually x/r the flop to take control of the betting. Same as when I 4bet oop pre so I can donk lead the flop oop, usually for a 1/4 pot sized bet 🤫

  4. Jeff "The Big Dawg" Boski, congrats man on 20K subs, actually (I see 21K) Many of us have been there since Vlog 1, 2 and 5 and remember, all to well: The Tilts, sitting next to the dude with horrible BO, the bad beats, the creative "no speak stand ins, the chicks, the ummm profiling, the chick pics and the "Always on the ready magnums" such swag. The bag & tags and of course the all sooo sweet tournament scores !! IMO. the best, most consistent tournament vlogger out there in YouTube land. Keep it going bro….see you on a final table SOON.

  5. 20k congratulations boski. Don't worry, I'm sure you will hit over a million once you win the main event this year. Keep grinding 💪

  6. 4:55, leading the turn with A8 is absolute suicide by villain! Beats no hands that Boski 3 bets flop for value, and forces all bluffs to fold.

  7. Damn you got over 1k new subscribers since you made this vlog. Maybe hitting that 20k triggered one of those algorithms. Congrats man. Keep it up. Appreciate the content. GL this summer.

  8. How long was your flight ten handed? I hate ten handed play … that should be left for circuit events only in my opinion

  9. hey Boski..I Go to work.. see you got a new vlog…critique how you play…{fully knowing I dont have the skills to compete) and pay nothing for your time and effort to produce quality content..guess its time to say thanks Jeff and I appreciate the best vlogger out there!

  10. Ever since you started this Vlog I have been a loyal subscriber and watcher. Have told people many times this is the best Vlog on the net, but I may be a bit biased because I love playing tournaments. I am a tournament player although way way way below your league, but yours was the first tournament Vlog out there I found. Long time with you and not going anywhere away from this Vlog anytime soon.

  11. Jeff, I work at YouTube and I'm constantly not getting stuff done b/c I'm sucked into your vids!! Thanks so much for the content, it takes guts and nuts to put it all on the line and deliver!! Again, all your hard work is truly appreciated man! Keep it up!!

  12. Congrats Jeff from one of your early subscribers. You have the best poker vlog on youtube and I really appreciate the time and effort you go through to produce your vlog. I was booked to go to Vegas 2 weeks ago from Australia to play multiple tournaments but unfortunately had to cancel last minute so I am living the experience through your Vlog. Thank you!

  13. 😞😞Stupid lucky snowmen! Just watched Andrews' 5 figure Wynn cash, was hoping to see you get 6! Keep up the grind, it'll pay off soon enough.

  14. I hear that boski! What does it mean no respect. I had pocket jacks and the player makes the straight on the river he went all in I called. And he shook his head no respect.. I’m a casual player so how is calling an all in. No respect. Thank boski love the vlogs

  15. How do you manage to style your hair so one half looks slicked back and the other half looks so flat you can't even tell there's hair? Impressive.

  16. I have been watching your videos and getting into poker recently I have no experience but have been learning the game. Just playing 2$-10$ at my local casino and also so sit n go tournaments from 50-100$ buy in. I was wondering what you do in a situation where you happen to see someone else’s cards so players do not hide their cards as well as others. Am I supposed to pretend I didn’t see or use it to my advantage or tell the person I can see their cards? Anyone in comment section feel free to answer also.

  17. In the A8hh hand where you double JJ2r Kx don't think this makes a lot of sense. You picked the right sizing at least to fold out small-mid pairs on turn but we can just check back turn and when BB checks to us on river now we have an easy bluff. Think we do for the most part want to play QQ, Kx and even AA this way as well since BB range is fairly limited here to Jx and the range you mentioned we're trying to fold out on turn. If they bet river we have an easy fold. Love the vlog, cheers.

  18. Congratz to already 21100 subscriber. U dont like Aces anymore? 😉 Good luck for your first final table and hopefully a bracelette.

  19. If you had to choose between wearing a John Hesp jacket for the entire series or a Go Gamble hoodie for one day of it, what would you go for?

  20. 3 more years be cracking 100k Rome was not built In a day ….. More strippers ..eye candy big tits Costa Rica beauties, ebony busty beauties we will get there Jeff and few wins on ACR and topping up my account on it Gingernuts68

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    Also my kids like those stupid toy ones. I tell them to stop wasting their life and watch poker, food, strip club reviews on this channel.

  23. Jeff, your the best. What you do is first class material for poker players! Looking forward to your first big win. Cheers from Montreal,Canada.

  24. Here's to finding the right combo of gears and cards this summer, and some run good. TV tip, don't touch your face on camera, you don't need to bring any more attention to your nose, it commands enough attention already, Boski mojo, lets go.

  25. New subscriber here. Enjoy the hand breakdowns. Curious about the blinds. When u have 300/500/500. BB puts out the 500BB + 500ante?

  26. Dunno what tragedy let to this hairstyle Bosky, an advice from a heteosexual indian male of age 25-50, go back to 2017 hairwise.

  27. Cheers to the humour and attitude! Can totally imagine hanging out with someone like you. Will holler if and when in Vegas

  28. I don't understand the picture attached to the comment about "without scamming or going broke"?  Who is it? What happened?  I wouldn't really call myself a poker player obviously.

  29. Those toy playing videos are popular because of the pedophiles. Comments are disabled because they time stamp certain parts of the video.

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