World Series Of Poker $1,500 “The Closer”

my final World Series of Poker event is
the $1500 closer no not that closer be closer I am a closer I will close this baby out
not gonna leave this summer a loser it’s time to win time to run good and get all
the chips I want to give shout outs to check-raise Charles another popular vlogger who helped me
find the proper editing programs to make these hilarious thumbnails that you’ve
seen for the last month without hand and a little creativity it wouldn’t have
been possible so I hope you guys enjoy the thumbnails shout out to all American
day for feeding me at a price for most of the summer while the Rio and of
course shout out to all the investors and the swaps that have kept me from
going broke this summer means a lot guys hopefully I can carry my own weight for
once we got a few more chances so never gonna give up hope and of course this
vlog would not be possible without viewers like you this isn’t PBS but people weren’t
watching I probably wouldn’t be doing this so thanks for subscribing hitting
that like button and commenting below hold us when you unload it something with y&z 100-200 with a 25 auntie an
elderly Asian on my right who seems to play every pot raises to 500 I haven’t
won a pot or played a plot pot yet so we three bet him to 1500 with East 9 of
diamonds action folds to a seven-year-old Caucasian male in the
small blind who shoves all in 20,000 chips action folds back to us and I
can’t call this Jam I fold I asked him to show the bluff and he shows pocket
kings and we move on to the next hand with blinds at 100 200 with a 25 ante
Asian male on my right lips for 200 this could be any – I look down at Ace King
I’ve not won a pot yet but this is a great spot to win a pot we size up to
800 knowing he’s gonna live call every hand everyone folds to him and he puts
in the call the flop comes jack 10 6 this flops gonna hit a lot of his
continuing range and I don’t really feel like three barrel bluffing in this spot
probably won’t improve so I checked behind the Turner’s the three he checks
I check he can have a lot of non pair hands on this board with this action the
river is a 10 pairing the board so I really think I have the best hand with
ace high king kicker he bets 1350 pretty large bet considering the pot size which
is a good thing it polarizes his value versus bluff range he could be bluffing
with pretty much anything that isn’t a pair and I don’t think there’s many
pairs that are value betting so I put in the call with ace high and he shows
Queen 10 off suit he got me good with wines at 150 300 with a 50 ante the
same elderly Asian male opens to 650 on my direct right I looked down at East
King offsuit slam-dunk three bet spot I have about
7500 to start the hand I make it 2600 about half my stack folds back to the
Asian who doesn’t even think about it and wants to see a flop the flop comes
jack five deuce rainbow this should miss a lot of his hands that he’s calling
with pretty much any two so when he checks to us I think we only have one
move we’re here to rep aces kings queens ace Jack Jack’s tens whatever all the
better hands we have other than ace king in this spot so we shove all-in he snap
calls and shows pocket sixes good read good read must have put me squarely on
ace king but the turn is a nine and the river is a nine of course we don’t
improve and we are out of the 1,500 closer we’re closing out the summer
good game us thanks for watching and with that we conclude our experience at
the Rio for the 2018 World Series of Poker hundreds of hours of pain stress
exhilaration disappointment I hate to say I’m gonna quit vlogging but if I
don’t play poker tournaments anymore I don’t think there’s going to be much to
vlog so I think I’m gonna take my talents elsewhere hopefully in the media
business maybe food review business broadcasting radio strip club DJ all
these things seem a lot more interesting and rewarding than playing live poker
stay tuned to find out what happens but most of all thanks for watching
subscribing liking and commenting below on one hand it it’s gonna be very
difficult to quit and I have so many viewers that really appreciate all the
content I put out there it feels like I’d be really letting them down they say
you should do what you love and then you’ll never work a day in your life and
be honest I just don’t love poker anymore it’s too much pain I know a lot
of people out there say oh pain you should work my job that’s pain evidence
or do a big jerk of a boss or tiling roofs in a hundred degree weather I’m
sure those are pretty painful jobs but this is a different type of pain it’s an
emotional pain that really makes me rage and brings out the worst person inside
of me when things don’t go well the table or every time I lose the
tournament so I’m gonna have to take some time off and really analyze what I
want to do see what opportunities are presented to me and make a decision
thanks for watching until next time

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100 thoughts on “World Series Of Poker $1,500 “The Closer”

  1. I documented my stream of thoughts after busting another tournament. I am probably just burnt out and need a break from poker tournaments. Stay tuned!

  2. Damn. FIFA is done, WSOP is done, and now Boski is gone ski-ing. It was really fun watching almost everyday, thanks for all the videos, take a break and best of luck.

  3. Hi Jeff, this is from Germany! I would be sad to see you go… Maybe get in touch with Nojan from HD poker and you maybe can combine business and poker!! Good luck in whatever you are going to do! Hope you will keep vloging to some extend!

  4. I take breaks all the time from the game. Them suck outs are the worst. Whatever you decide to do I will support your channel.

  5. “Strip Club DJ” or possibly “Firearms Instructor for Gifted and Talented High School Students” either field is wide open…Register at NRA University today…. Great Content!!!

  6. Try a hybrid career … cash games and then throw in the Strip Club DJ….. that way you will get plenty of relaxation and you can throw in a targeted poker tourney perhaps monthly and take the rejection in stride …. I stopped tourneys about 3-4 years ago after realizing the lottery like variance and quickly calculating that my hourly in cash games blew away the tourney prospects…. I still satellite into high buy-in tourney's for the excitement and home run hitting prospects ~ A min cash into a 3,500.00 buy-in or greater does make sense for my calculations as in most cases you double the buy in or thereabouts…..the small buy-in tourneys min. cash isn't a wise use of my time. Take your time and let the cards come to you …..Don't go to the cards. I 've enjoyed your efforts very much… ~best regards from Ft. Laud.. ~DL

  7. Jeff-have you considered switching to playing cash games rather than just tournaments ? Tournaments always seem like you are trying to hit a home run rather than cash games where you more often hit singles and the odd double. Just a thought, best of luck in whatever decision you make.

  8. I really think you're an excellent player that's had a tough few months. I also think you are very talented and definitely could do a food vlog. I watch many poker v loggers but I really enjoy your humor and the hot women….lol. I wish you much luck in everything you do. Dont give up hope as I really do feel you have talent. So you can play part time tourneys!! All the best and thanks for all the entertainment!!!!

  9. i gave up tournaments and moved to just cash play jeff. ive never looked back in twenty years , maybe you should consider it , easy game

  10. How many people make a living at poker? A real living, not a flash in the pan. You seem like a smart guy. Get a life.

  11. Jeff I got some advice for you but I doubt you will take it. You have to get out of Vegas and even the states for a while. Go to somewhere like Thailand, Bali or South America or whatever for a couple of months and do not even think about poker (the truth is you will a bit). That is the only way you will get the perspective you need to come back stronger than ever before. You have the knowledge and everything it takes inside you, the question is how can you be all you can be. Only you can figure it out. But you are too close to the action to actually change and improve your approach and outlook on things. If I was you I would take this advice into serious consideration. I said I doubt you will take it because of Clyde and Duke. You will have to make a plan.

  12. Take some time off to lick those wounds…or better yet, pay someone to lick them for you. It looked like a ridiculous grind and you may just need to get out of Vegas and recharge.

  13. I love your content bro. Hope you don't quit the vlogs regardless of what you do buddy.
    You never sugar coat what it's like to be a tournament grinder.
    Take a break, come back strong. We will be here jonsing for the next vlog.
    Especially if you become a strip club DJ. ♡♡♡♡

  14. OMG…dude w/the Cubs hat with the slow, expressionless reveal @3:46 was priceless. Whatever makes you happy JB, go for it. Looking forward to seeing what's next for you.

  15. Tournament poker will make you realize the run bad is way too real. Work it out and hit some cash games. GL BOSKI

  16. I have to say, when I look at my list of poker vloggers, I click on your videos first. Vlogging Tourney poker is just so brutal. If you lose an AI in a cash game, you just reload…tourneys don't allow that. Hoping to see more content from you soon…

  17. We cant all have a WSOP like joe cada. That sob gets 5th in the main and turns around and ended up winning this closer event.

  18. The life you strive for is so tough and takes so much run good. Guy in the main event gets Aces against two peoples Kings to springboard to a 4th place finish. That’s a 2 million dollar equity spot that goes your way. The 9-5 ain’t so bad. We’re all robots in the end. Makes playing for a hobby much more enjoyable. Much less pressure. Nothing better than losing and knowing your still getting a paycheck, ok well maybe winning feels better but you get it.

  19. Interestingly enough, my two favorite music genres are rap and classical. I rarely listen to other types. I love classical as my mother played it all day every day during my childhood, and I played trumpet in school. I also was let's say…. ahead of others in STEM subjects and it seemed to complement that side of the brain. I also was fairly successful athletically, and loved the raw aggression, testosterone and humor of rap. I've always loved the vlog, and much of that due to the music selections. Now that you've added in classical, I cannot help but to declare this the best poker vlog series in history. Well done sir. May we one day cross paths and commiserate on the misery of interaction with the olfactorily questionable masses. Cheers.

  20. Glenn from Ireland, don't give up bro I'm sending some run good your way, I've kidnapped a leprechaun and in the process of torturing him to send all his luck your way, enjoy the glory you deserve it.

  21. Jeff, Like many have said here: thank you SO MUCH for the amazing content you have produced and shared with us. your straightforward candor while sharing your tournament poker experience is very unique and has allowed many of us to live and learn about this dream thru your daily grind. for selfish reasons, i would not want to see your poker vlog ever end, but you need to love what you do and continuing with the current mental state is not a +ev approach. take the necessary break away from the tables and give your body and mind some rest and totally disconnect from poker for a while. decide the next steps with a clear mind. regardless whatever you decide to do next, given your resilience and perseverance, you will be rewarded sooner with 'hard work pays' than a variance-bound game like poker. But whatever you end up doing, please do not give up vlogging. you do have a knack for it and have developed the invaluable technique and skills required. keep that ROI in mind. we will always follow you and be your fan!

  22. Thanks for a great run of vlogs, Boski, you may have busted at the tables, but you made a lot of youtube viewers happy, so may the Grand Simulator bless your future with whatever you decide to do!

  23. If you wanna go to a vacation and play few tournaments with soft opponents i suggest you northern Cyprus. Its a long trip but i assure youi you would not believe how bad the players are.

  24. You said the same thing last year at the end of the WSOP. But you took a break and came back strong. You will be good man, take care of yourself and take some time away if you need to regroup.

  25. Don't quit. your vlogs are cool.. just tightening up your game. Stop making those hero calls. Go for the higher chip starting stack games. Get your moneys worth. Mix your game up. Play limit, plo or stud games.

  26. I suggest one year off. I’m 6 months into a self imposed no poker. I really feel better

    Poker does bring out the worst in people. It s bad karma. When you lose you feel bad. When you win you feel bad because you just beat on some dude who now feels bad.

    When I come back , it’s just going to be a hobby. Home games with friends at stakes no one cares if they loose .
    Good luck man. I will say you have the best vlog of all of em.

    Get out of Vegas. !!!!! And good luck

  27. It's so sick how some run in poker, like cada, ehh I finished 5th in the main event, next day i'll buy in the $1500 closer, ehh I win that too for another $650k pay day.. Take a breather and just chalk it up as another wsop done and over with, maybe play a few tournaments without worrying about taking notes and time to vlog and just focus on playing your table. Things could be a LOT worse brotha, take it one day at a time and one poker session at a time, you definitely can play poker so keep at it.

  28. Hey Jeff, it is Flemming from Denmark

    I have been following your v-log the hole month during the WSOP. I love your log. I love your sense of humor – description your opponents. It makes mee a bit said to see your mute in last logs. The flip against Eric Seidel is pure unluck. Playing all that tournaments must be mental though. Give your head som rest and you will be able making good decisions again.

  29. Thanks for the raw truthness in your vlog. Im encouraging you to start mixing cash game in your vlog… Play the game and start sharing your Juicy result 😀 !! Boski your the man

  30. wherever life takes you next Jeff, thanks for providing us with so much content over the past year or so. I appreciate all the work youve put in, and I really hope you bag and tag more vlogs…but I also understand if you are OUT! Thanks again Boski. -honestbluff

  31. Thanks Jeff.
    One of the most viewable pokervlogs from vegas over the years….maybe it had to end here.
    But noooooo don´t do this to us! Please 😀

  32. First off, your thumbnail game is off the charts! Second, as the genius Lloyd once said, "you pathetic loser." Lastly, really appreciate the vlogs. Even if u don't continue your poker life, there is no doubt you could still create edgy, entertaining vlogs of other subject matter. You the man, Boski!

  33. wtf Eric Siedel said your a fucking badass. don't pack it in brother. we all get these downswings. you'll come good lad.
    much respect from Ireland big man

  34. You ever think about switching your focus to cash games?  There will still be pain there but should win and get to feel the enjoyment a lot more often than in tournaments.

  35. dam man!!! much appreciation for making these vlogs and sticking with it…….would love to see whats in store for you next!!!!
    GG and GL from Tampa FL

  36. No Jeff….do not stop. DO NOT STOP. Your contant and style are tooo good, you jst need a little run good, I know its coming

  37. Thanks for all the vlogs, loved every minute. I have 1 question though, in the vlog featuring stinky, if the player had been female instead of male would you have still made an issue of it and do you think the other players at the table would have reacted the same way…? We all still know you are living the dream and would do a lot to be in your position, chin up and get lucky! 👍

  38. Please don't quit. Poker is s roller-coaster . I know exactly what you mean about poker bringing out the worse in you.
    I think after a break you will find your passion again.
    Waves my man. Remember the times you tournaments and good paydays. They will come again.
    Keep your head up Bosky.
    Made my day seeing a new vid

  39. BOSKI, I have loved every aspect og your WSOP 2018 vlogging
    You are a good man, and you are clearly working at becoming even better at poker and life – and working hard

    So – now you are dealing with fatigue
    You have worked hard, really hard – and you didn’t get payed
    You know what, get back up my man.
    And do what you think is right for you, but plz VLOG about it

  40. I will be heartbroken if you quit :/ not gonna lie it made my day seeing you at wsop and having you at same table of venetian 600 briefly when you went semi deep…. keep your head up, take a few weeks off, regroup, and decide from there! Best wishes.

  41. You make the most entertaining poker vlogs of the lot, regroup and rethink, how about a mini series on €100-$150 buy ins im sure many of us would appreciate your insights, prove they can be beaten, and remember whatever you do, Dont buy a drone!
    Stay with us dude.

  42. I think you are wise in taking some time off Jeff. You had a tough summer. Get out of Vegas for awhile and do some reflecting. Regardless, we appreciate the time and effort you put into bringing us along this summer. Well done!

  43. When I first came across your blog I didn't like it. Thought you were too arrogant. But then one of the other bloggers gave you a shout and I gave you another try. Glad I did. I've really warmed to your style and I personally hope you continue to dedicate some of your important time and effort to this endeavour. I don't watch for the poker. You are entertaining in your own right. Keep developing your style. And thank you.

  44. …Strip club DJ…LOL… Dude, ok here is what you do, become a gigolo, bang 50 / 60 year old's, get your entry fees paid.

  45. Hey! Jeff it’s me, the Asian guy. Thanks for the video, I made to the 51 1st. Most of the time I call is correct but an Indian guy made his nunner flash on my last hand.

  46. Freaking Andrea Bocelli hopefully it isn't the final say goodbye to your Vlogs. I always enjoy them and ensire your viewers what a stand up guy you are. There is always going to be another tournament and maybe you will be there to vlog it.

  47. BroSki. you just cannot quit, since when does the mid aged prince of bro'ing just up and leave the game while on the come up. Play cash games my young brother.

  48. OMC says what the hell will I watch with my morning coffee without you? Booking a W, any W will change your mood. I would suggest some cash games and a win with the ladies. Go win a few hundred and go get laid!

  49. Thank you for bringing us along for the ride. The Big Boski I call it. I feel you being burned out. I took a loooong break too after being a real grinder during the poker boom days. But I’m back in it now for the fun and the challenge, not grinding to live. It’s a great side passion. Sharing my experience for what it’s worth. Looking forward to seeing your next move!

  50. I have said it many times in the past…i have made more enemies (per se) and disliked more people from playing poker than anything else in my life, but more so have had more people dislike me over poker than anything else in my life. I haven't been able to play much after the cherokee circuit, and honestly I don't really miss it that much. Had no cashes, one bubble, and had a few big stacks that ended up getting bad beat shipped to donks, and those things make the aggravation and frustration seem unbearable, like you just can't get things going for anything…like even when you run good you always find the idiot who bad beats you out. That kind of stress and depressing thing is something I definately don't miss about poker.

  51. Well, Now you can encapsulate your ManzCoin into the ManzCoinzMedallionzMoverz, and spin away all the stress related beats that happened over the series, and picture all those Donks that sucked out… driving off a big Cliff!!! 😎♠🚑♦🇺🇸♣🍻❤ #BagAndTagForLife

  52. Good luck n best wishes in whatever you decide Jeff there’s a lot of work in all these vlogs they are appreciated mate keep your chin up enjoy Vegas mate

  53. you do you Jeff. Whatever form that takes. Still do the Vlog if you have time. It can be about anything at all. To be honest your Vlog has become a bit of a food porn vlog for me. Everything you have is epic and I would tune in for that. Best of luck to you bro

  54. Even though it kills me to say this, just take a couple months off. We'll see you in the fall.

    Edit– Strip club DJ, you say? hmmm

  55. You know the bankroll is getting thin when you have to buy-in with the old style 100 dollar bills…you know, the ones degenerates save and tuck away. You'll bounce back Boski!

  56. I can only wonder if the music in this vlog was inspired by one of the best comedies of all time, Step Brothers!

  57. I hope you continue Jeff, your future is open ended, always good luck and the best to you……an original ladies and gentleman, Jeff Boski, thanks dude.

  58. Boski, brotha… what about switching gears and grinding PLO cash for a bit? You enjoy the game, it gives you a needed respite from the super-high variance tournament grind… and selfishly I still get to enjoy the vlogs. Whatever you do, I've thoroughly enjoyed your content and hope it continues. I'm on your digital rail, brotha! Thanks!

  59. selfishly I don't want you to go but I understand where you're coming from. Love the stoic cameos by the randoms as you discuss a hand too, especially the slow rising dude at the beginning of this vid, lolol

  60. I don't know why you insist on playing tournament only. The odds are stacked against you and u'll be lucky to win 15-20%. With your skills and experience switching to cash is no brainier. You could easily average 65-70% and believe me life (poker) is alot more fun when you win more than you lose.

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