World Series of Poker MONSTER STACK Circuit Event!

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100 thoughts on “World Series of Poker MONSTER STACK Circuit Event!

  1. If this vlog gets 3,000 likes I will donate $300 to
    Please donate whatever you can to help stop Amish puppy mills and save a Boxer's life.

  2. Happy Massage, they give you a happy ending. Very Happy, they give you a BJ. "Supper Happy" I guess you get to eat them out?

  3. So glad your back. I thought I was gonna have to start an email protest against YouTube. Did they ever give you a reason for taking your videos down? Anywho….. Good run, you will get that circuit ring soon. ♥️ From the 4%

  4. Jeff we both have a common love for dogs and hold ‘em of the Texas variety. By the way do you know if mike Tyson is one of the boxers up for adoption? Asking for a friend

  5. That wagyu ribeye steak looked incredible. I would get the foie gras for the add-on but the marrow butter is probably delicious. I'm jealous of the local discount. Nice video as always Boski.

  6. Yo J Bo. Do you plan on adopting another boxer to keep your boy at home company? I hate even bringing it up but I think ppl miss seeing the boys playing.

  7. instantly slapped like. been waiting for the return of Boski. best poker vlogger. time to hit some bong rips and enjoy the video

  8. In Japanese, Kit Kat is Kitto Katto (キットカット). The Japanese word kitto can mean “surely” or “absolutely.” The word katsu (勝つ) is “to win.” This makes a Japanese wordplay possible: kitto, katsu (きっと勝つ), meaning “You’re bound to win” or even, “Never fail.”
    You must loose the skittles and bring back the all mighty kit kat. Japanese confirmed good luck.

  9. that $6,000 raise on the river by your opponent at 7:30 was interesting … my instincts were saying "call" and i thought that's what you were going to do … but his move, call it a blocker-bluff on a tough run-out, was well executed imo !!!

  10. nice playing with you the other day on ACR boski. good luck to you. as i type this i am 3 of 9 in the $8.80 Big Ten $1500 guartted

  11. If I win the Venom top prize how in the world would I get it? I don't want to go to jail! How can I explain to the federal government where I got the money from? 😁

  12. For some reason the momentary shot of the guy’s rings and the way he had his hands on the table was both hilarious and tilting.

  13. Just saying adopt a boxer is cool and all and I love dogs as well but my opinion is that those donations would be better served if it went to adopt a child funds or a human fund to homeless then an animal many starving children around the world would be better equity to serve then dogs just my opinion but it's your money bro I would think a starving family somewhere in this world could live a whole month or more in some places with $300 just saying??? Food for thought

  14. People cap ranges by action but that doesn’t mean they aren’t capping a range that’s a strong bluff catcher or even the nuts. Not saying bluffing isn’t profitable, just seems like you have to be more selective.

  15. Great episode JB. That A9 v A6 hand was unfortunate. You have such a great attitude when both winning and losing. I continue to love your channel.

  16. Sucks to run so hot then hit the freezer. Story of my life. Gotta mention this sick beat I took the other day at the plo8 in Cherokee circuit. $250 buy in, 12k starting. Was mowing it down early, had 50k by third level. Old man comes in late, around 70 years old…you know where this is going. I wake up with AA24 on button, pot it, sb repots, old man flats…I got the preflop Hi-Lo wrap/nuts…repot them in…sb snaps, old man confusingly calls and has about 30k total…sb-AAJ9 with about 18k total, old senile has KK74 no suits…flop 447…I flop other aces dead, old man flops me stone fucking dead other than a low. Old geezer even turns a K and a hi card in River gives him the scoop. Table needles him deservingly. Then i went on a second nuts run and getting it in good with suck out wizards. No Justice in poker. Probably the sickest beat I ever taken. Just sayin.

  17. Jeff the other boxer guy here. I “liked” your video to help get the boxers that $300. I must have busted out just before you on Monday at the Wynn just short of making day two and the money. I’m going to play today, not sure where yet, and I will donate 5% of any winnings. Glad your Vlog is back.

  18. Yo Jeff, how do you support yourself in Vegas? Is it 100% poker?  I would think with a mortgage/rent and all monthly expenses your monthly debt has to be around 3K plus another 5-6K a month in buy ins. Do you have backers or other sources of income? Just curious how you survive and afford massages and nice things with no real job? Tourney's have so much variance, so when you don't cash for a month plus what is it like stress wise?

  19. Hey Mr "node lock"…as a famous quote from movie Braveheart …"every man dies but not every man lives"…don't play scared Braveheart…

  20. funny guy you are Jeff…as for the content ofc its super good and I'm sure you invest a ot of time and effort in the process of creating it…..Good luck in the grind man. Stay positive 🙂

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