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If you were to put $1 coins along the A1 from
Perth to Melbourne on one side and back on the other side the chances of winning that
lottery are the same as picking the correct $1 coin along both ways. Actually that would
be too few coins along that way. It’s a little bit too close to Perth. The only way of improving your chances is
if you pick numbers or combinations that others do not pick because then in the unlikely event
that you win, most likely you will not have to share the jackpot. That’s how you maxmise
your winnings. You cant increase your chances of winning by picking certain numbers. People typically pick birthdays, so numbers
under 30 are picked a lot. Go for numbers above 30. So 1 in 300 million is a pretty low chance
and there are as far as I know you have a better chance of being struck by lightening,
run over by a car, have a car accident or being attacked by a shark if you go into the

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