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As counsellors we see people in their
teens already experiencing issues with gambling. We want to break down the
stigma that its not just old guys this can affect. It can happen to young people as well. Guys, girls, anyone. Gambling is so normal these days. Young people don’t question the way their mates and themselves gamble. If you grow up with people around you gambling all the time, you’re going to grow up thinking its okay. Also the media’s playing a big part in advertising these things. You grow up thinking yeah “its harmless, its okay” but you don’t realise sometimes it can get out of control Chip mate? No mate, no. Oh, you talking to your missus again? Nah, I’m just placing a couple of bucks on the Hurricanes. You backing a winner again? Yep…… Always do. Nice! (Crowd cheers) “Yeaaah! Wooh” Five…. Four… Three… Two… One, Yeaaahhhhh!!! Better luck next time mate. I didnt lose that much….. … I guess. (TV announcer in background) Get your bet in early, its fast and easy. Get on board with Avabet today! (Music, coach whistles and running sounds) (Music fades) You’re not gambling again are you? I thought you lost all that money on the Hurricanes game? Oh, I’m just checking my winnings. Oh yeah, so you’ll be able to pay me back that fifty bucks you owe me then (laughs)! Yep, of course. Okay guys, team annoucement, two minutes. Nice, I reckon I’m gonna make Colts this week. (Locker room sounds fade) (Upbeat rock music) Hey, ah, you wanted to see me coach? Yeah mate, come on in. Sit down. How are you tracking along? Is everything okay? Yeah, everythings alright… I just need a few more games… Nah, I’m actually talking about outside of footy… What do you mean? I want you to see something. Its the betting isn’t it? How did you know? Jack told me. I can’t believe I’ve done this to him. He’s my best friend. Jack wants Do you want to talk to me about this? Or maybe together we can go and find someone who knows about this stuff. Yeah…. Um…. I guess that could be a good idea. (Instrumental hip hop) Gambling is based on odds and chance. And people have this belief that the more they bet, the closer they’ll be to a win. But each time they bet, its a separate bet. So when you add all that together… …the chances of winning
long-term are actually less. Two of the negative effects of gambling would be the loss money and also the negative feelings that go with that. So shame and embarrassment. It feeds into this cycle of gambling where we desire to escape those negative feelings that we’ve created and also try and win back the money that we’ve lost. We might win small amounts of money….. …. but eventually we’ll lose and we start chasing those losses which leads back to the start of that cycle. where we have no money and start feeling bad again. (Instrumental music) (Giggling) Did you just buy another one? Ah, yeah. How many is that now? I don’t know, four or five? How do you pay for them? I use Mum’s credit card. Does she know? No. What. Its not like its a big deal. Fine. Well if you’re reading your text messages you’ll know we’re going shopping on Saturday afternoon. Yeah, I’ll be there. You totally need a new outfit. Okay. Well maybe if you get to Level 63, then we can talk. Okay. (Instrumental music) I’m just going to call her, we can’t stand around all day waiting for her. (Phone ringing) I’m sorry, I’m trying to get there. Where are you? I’m still at home, Mum wont give me any more money. Well, you can at least come and help us shop. We never get to see you anymore. I don’t even have enough money
for the bus. Exactly how much have you been spending on those casino games on your phone? Look, I don’t know but what I do know is that I don’t need a lecture from my best friend. She’s not coming, she reckons she doesn’t have enough money. Is she alright? (Instrumental music) What are you looking for? Mum wont give me any more money, I know I won a few dollars on one of these things. How many do you have? Well maybe if you hadn’t bought all these you’d have some money. I don’t suppose you could lend me $20? Do you know how much you owe me already? I don’t know, not that much? It’s alot! Look, if you’re not going to help me, get out! Look. Look. I’m sorry for getting angry… … I’ve just been really stressed out lately. I’ve been spending all of my money…. .. on all these little games. And I’m um, I’m really caught up in it. Well, lets talk about it then. It started a little while ago. Like how long? (Instrumental music) Problem gambling affects tens of thousands of Australians every year. And you shouldn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed if you find yourself in this situation. Its something that people work their way through ever day. When you have people supporting you, it makes you realise its easier to over come the problem with their help. And it makes you realise there is a way out. (Instrumental hip hop) Have you seen Dad, I’ve go to go! How about, Hi Mum! Sorry… Hi Mum. I think he went to put some money on a horse. A horse? How long ago was that? Oh, half an hour ago. But he promised he’d take me to my driving test today. Its okay, I can take you. I wanted to get some practice in though. I don’t want to get stressed before the test. The only person that gets stressed when you drive is me! Give me the keys. Alright. C’mon, we don’t want to be late. (Instrumental music) Its perfect! Have you seen Dad? I think I found one! I think he had to go into work today. Have you called him? No, I’ll give it a try. (Phone answers, horse racing in background) Hey Taj. Hey Dad, I found a car online. Mate, I have to call you back, I’ve got a horse coming in. But you promised, when I find a car online you’d help me out. I’ll have to come and check it out later mate, I’ve gotta go. When will you be (Phone cuts out)… home. Dad’s got a problem you know. Hey. Hey, has Dad come back yet? He did pop in for half an hour. How did you get on with the car? It was perfect and cheap too. I’m going to buy it. Shouldn’t you wait until you Dad gets home from work. That way he can have a look at it with you. You don’t want to get ripped off. I think I’ll be fine without him. Hey Mum. What did Dad do when he got home? He had to get something for work. I think he had to get some tools out of the shed. (Suspenseful music) He’s not at work….. … he’s at the track, he’s always at the track! And now he’s gone and stolen my car fund! (Sad music) Someone from your service came and spoke to us at school the other day. I was wondering if I could speak to someone more about something that’s going on with me. What we know is just speaking to someone is a key factor in overcoming any issue… …. and its the same for people experiencing problem gambling. Being able to speak to someone you trust, whether it be a family member, Being able to speak to someone you trust, whether it be a family member, friend, Being able to speak to someone you trust, whether it be a family member, friend, colleague or even a professional service is a really good place to start.

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