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Welcome to “The Know”. I’m Ashley Jenkins. And I’m Ryan Haywood. Two YouTubers are going up in molotov cocktail flames. Thanks to a Counterstrike gambling scandal that blew up on them over the weekend. The allegations could lead to both felony charges and jail time. BOOM.
Serious…. If you ever wanted to watch a social media meltdown, unfold in real time, now is your chance The YouTubers in question are Trevor “Tmartn” Martin, and Tom “Syndicate” Cassell. A pair of content creators that have over 10 million subscribers between the two of them. While they focus a lot on gaming and “Let’s Plays”, a huge chunk of their content centers around streaming themselves making valuable bets with CS:GO skins on the website: CS:GO Lotto. Now it’s been discovered that Tmartn and Syndicate have been promoting the site without disclosing their affiliation with it. Not only are they affiliated with it, they own it. They are the actual owners. If you’re wondering, it is actually super illegal that they neglected to mention any of that until this.. well actually, they didn’t want to mention it did they? They kind of got outed. Yes. For those who don’t understand the ridiculous world of Counterstrike:GO skins, you’re not alone. You can win crates in game which can then be opened by purchasing a $2.50 key from Valve. Inside the crates are a variety of skins for guns and knives. Weirdly enough, these skins are in enough of a demand that they’ve been ascribed real world value. Not only can you trade or sell skins to other people, you can also go to other third party sites, like CS:GO Lott and gamble them for chances to win a whole pool of more valuable skins which can then be sold for money elsewhere. So it’s a very complicated economy, but, you know, welcome to the internet. We love to make stuff complicated and crazy. It’s Fun!
HATS! So Tmartn and Syndicate have allegedly been making videos of themselves winning big on a site that they own and encouraging views to go gamble with valuable skins there and the house gets kind of a little take of every transaction. And that’s not even mentioning that we’re talking about underage gambling here either. Oh… oops… yeah. This discovery was made by a YouTuber “HonorTheCall”, who’s investigative work uncovered CS:GO Lotto’s Articles of Incorporation, which were orignally filed by, none other than, Martin. And included the names of Martin and Cassell as the President and Vice President of the company. H3H3 Productions gave HonorTheCalls video an enormous signal boost with their video “Deception, Lies, and CSGO” which now has something like 3 million views in just a couple of days. so.. people care about this stuff.
They’ve noticed. In response to the allegations that TMarTn and Syndicate deliberately obscured this information from their viewers, TMarTn made a, now deleted, response video saying he’s never hid the fact that they were affiliated with CS:GO Lotto. He also said he wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if he knowingly deceived his fans and his viewers. I’d say that explains the bloodshot eyes.. H3H3 called him out after that by playing footage of the first time TMartn introduced his fans to CS:GO Lotto where he said “A friend has been hitting me up and we found this new site named CS:GO Lotto.” “I’ve put a link down in the description. Check it out. Anyway, we were betting on it today, and I won 69 dollars or something, so it was a pretty small pot. But it was the coolest feeling ever.” I bet it was. I mean come on. That sounds just like “Hey guys. I own this new company. You should check it out. And you should definitely gamble stuff and you should give me some of the money, right?” “The best part of the 69 dollars is I got a cut on the back end.” The best part is the 69… heh… I’m sorry. I’m an adult… In an effort to soften the blow, and appear to be on the “up and up”, TMarTn then began editing all of his CS:GO Lotto videos adding a disclaimer to each one of the descriptions. But, the internet never forgets.
Worse than an elephant. And a quick use of the WayBackMachine is enough to see the disclaimers were never there in the first place. And once all that broke, everything went into full on meltdown mode for the pair. TMarTn has since made all of his CS:GO Lotto videos private, and even had to disable comments and ratings on the rest of his videos to keep them from getting completely bombed by people wanting answers. Following the fan eruption, Redditors began digging through some of Martin’s past content unearthing a few pieces of evidence that may not look too good for him now. Doing the lawyers job for them, good job, Reddit. First there was a tweet pumping CS:GO Lotto, also acknowledging the skins can be traded for money. Indicating that he knew exactly what he was doing. Right. There was another video, now removed, but rehosted by various YouTubers Of course it is
Uh Huh. Never Forgets Showing a stream where Martin realized, mid broadcast, he was logged in to CS:GO Lotto as a bot/admin for the site rather than himself. The CS:GO Lotto bot facilitates transactions of skins and betting. So the video shows that Martin and Syndicate did have direct access to the back end which means they could potentially rig bets in their favor on their videos. It’s not ‘proof’ by any stretch of the imagination, but it doesn’t look good. This is actually the subject of one of HonorTheCalls videos which accused them of stacking the system in order to send more traffic to their site. Once the feeding frenzy started, others began publicly distancing themselves from Martin including Team Envious, a professional CS:GO and COD eSports team of which Martin owns a minority stake. In a letter posted on their site, Envious essentially threw him under the bus, saying “Even though we’ve had little use for Trevor’s services, we have always honored his SMALL ownership stake and equity. This held true even when our company has seen monumental growth and Trevor’s contribution to the company has been very minimal or completely absent.” Well I’m glad they went light on that one, goddamn. As for what happens next from here, there’s evidence this might not be one of those internet fiascos that just blows over after a couple of weeks. This one might last. Famed video game attorney, Ryan Morrison, has been incredibly active on Twitter since this story broke. Laying out just how big of a problem this could potentially be for Martin and Syndicate. The other day Morrison tweeted “It’s definitely illegal, and definitely reported to the FTC.” Yeah. That ‘FTC’ stands for Federal Trade Commission in case you’re wondering. And their job is to protect consumers from shady and illegal business practices. According to FTC law on endorsements, required disclosures must be clear and conspicuous. It goes on to say that repeat disclosures are necessary for ongoing endorsements and also states that “If a disclosure is necessary to prevent an advertisement from being deceptive, unfair, or other violative of a Commission rule, and it is not possible to make the disclosure clearly and conspicuously, then that ad should not be disseminated.” Violation of these statutes could result in both felony charges and jail time for the pair, so yeah… that not just a small penalty they could be facing. That’s no slap on the wrist. No. When you add this to the recent class action lawsuit from a couple weeks back, For the same topic.
For the very same thing… We’ve officially got a big ugly spotlight on Countstrike Gambling Scene. One that doesn’t look too good for Valve. It probably won’t be going away anytime soon if some follow up tweets from Morrison are any indication. The attorney also tweeted that “I’ve been ranting against these criminal sites for now. So happy to see everyone same page. More sites are similar. Coming soon. Unfortunately for Valve and the CS:GO scene, all of this is going down right before ESL 1 Cologne. One of the hugest events of the year for CS:GO and eSports in general.

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100 thoughts on “YouTubers Could Face Jail Over CS:GO Gambling Scandal – The Know

  1. It's actually a pretty clever idea, they where just absolute idiots in practise. Not sure if ur laws are the same by negligence isn't usually a valid excuse. Think they are screwed

  2. FYI people ESPN announced that they are both being sued and were named in a suit today out of orlando florida!….

  3. I like how they think going back and changing the descriptions of every video to make it look like they said it was sponsored is gonna change things HAHAHAH

  4. No. Tmartn disabled the comments because I bet his lawyers told him to do so. If Tmartn was trying to cover his ass, then it would be stupid of him if he didn't siabled everything

  5. 8:17 "Right, well, the extra weird thing about is, like, they almost don't have a real world value, except that people ascribed them a real world value." How do you think any real world currency works then?

  6. When something like this happens someone has to made an example of and these guys might be screwed.

  7. … Have Ashley and Ryan ever even done a video together? Ryan is a reasonable replacement for Meg. . . Or is Ashley the replacement? Hm.

  8. I hope every person in the position of Tmartin or whatever his name is, i hope they aren't cut any slack what so ever and get the long shaft of the law in every country in the world were they have defrauded a person! It sickens me most of all when their job is basically playing games or doing entertainment based content of pretty much any kind!? Why do they choose to abuse something that the majority only dream of becoming for extra money to add to the piles they already have in the case of syndicate!? What compels a person to do something like that i could never grasp especially to the extent of this case, I would sooner die than understand their mindset into why it was a good idea. You never forget legalities when you're business is related to said laws and they aren't easy to forget when you deal with it on a daily basis of business as well as the case of syndicate he's more than aware of them due to previous run ins! Justice must be served! now get on it justice system people! yah! Whip Crack

  9. Just delete everyone's skins. Problem solved. Silly people who spend real world money on a TEXTURE need to realise how worthless it really is. When it is gone in a matter of seconds, it will teach them a valuable life lesson.

  10. Ashley, I know nothing about this skins nonsense myself however you were saying you don't believe the skins have an actual value except for the amount people ascribe to them. Well the same thing can be said for money itself. The US dollar itself has no value, it is a piece of cotton fiber with writing on it or it is a digital bit in your bank account. However we, as a species, have placed a value on it. Weird, but we do it with a lot of stuff. Just replace these skins in your head as money and boom there you have it, same as gambling. They are the same thing.

  11. They can shut down API access and still allow people to trade. That would be an extremely easy thing for Valve to do if they wanted these sites gone.

  12. I like how it's Tmartn and Syndicates fault for getting kids to do underage gambling. Yet the parents should of have known and watched them. They shouldn't even be playing CSGO.

    I'm not on anyone's side, but man the parents should have never became parents. Lol…

  13. Syndicate cant be jailed for not disclosing he is promoting his site as he lives in england, unlike the usa where you have to disclose you are promoting something…

  14. Idk about you but i am selling all my skins. I am going o take the safe route if the cs go market breaks. I am not saying it will happen over night but in a couples of years we may see the true effects

  15. in this case the skins are no different than poker chips, a token with assigned arbitrary value. its not sorta gambling, its gambling

  16. the funny thing is….fallout 4 mods have better weapon meshes and textures than these ridiculous BS skins

  17. Fun fact that I bet a lot of people will deny and not like, but Gavin and Tom are friends. In a lot of Syndicates videos the two are hanging out at parties together.

  18. Tbh how many of ya actually asked them if it was own by them , how many of ya actually partaked in the site , you're just as guilty as they are for even gambling on there making your own money , yes they should be punished but so should the hundreds of thousands of ya that decided to make your own go at it on there. Just my opinion.

  19. bit coins is a good example of something similar to this. the money for something the literally has no real world value

  20. I mean. They basically committed fraud and stole money. Was it in question that they might face jail time?

  21. Their subscribers are fan boy morons, and I suggest they grow up and see the light or ask mummy and daddy why we are hating on their favourite scammers.

  22. Csgo you have to be 18 to play so underages shouldn't be playing anyway due to the fact that you would need csgo account

  23. ya I'm cod fan but all I want is a GUN METAL BLACK skin so my guns don't look like the are owned by clowns. this whole thing back to front makes no sense to me.

  24. CSgo is nothing but a big scam the whole game,even at the top is always some scam…cheaters,match scams,trade scams..its like the garbage of steam.

  25. That bot he was signed into is a trading bot its how the sites receive the skins and send them out it has nothing to do with admins.

  26. Gosh you 2 are so boring – you defenately talk about a toppic (counterstrike) and you have no clue what you are talking about.

  27. theres so much worse people out there in the world and you guys want to jail 2 gamers 😂 waste of my time and tax payer dollars, congrats 👏👏

  28. i think those 13-17 year olds gambling and lost, good for them. Kids need to understand that some laws are there for their protection.

  29. what id like to know is if everybody cares so much, why doesn't anybody shut activision down for their  underage gambling? does anybody not see this as the same damn thing with the suppy crates?

  30. I hate Tmartn, I am so looking forward to his future incarceration…..And I would gladly dye my blue to stand beside you Ashley.

  31. valve can easily ban thier API Keys. They don't have to disable all API access, just those APIs going to gambling sites.

  32. Sounds like fun!! But what sucks and loses all cred for me, is that it could most likely be rigged. That sucks. That just ruins it. Now, one question, is this "technically" gambling? Because there are laws between "skill" and "chance" when it comes to calling something "gambling". Maybe im missing something here? P!ease help me understand, i would appreciate it!

  33. I have this paranoid feeling that I should cash out soon or in the near future. Valve may be forced to either restrict opening cases for 18+ (which would hurt the market dramatically) or shutdown cases entirely due to legislation. What do you guys think?

  34. The value attributed to CS:GO skins is similar to that of tulips during Tulipmania, the world's first financial crash. Attributing such high value to a minor cosmetic changes in a $20 game…. safe to say the situation is already a way out of hand

  35. Providing the pair didn't rig the bets (which there's no proof that they did) I don't really see what the big deal is; I mean do you really think that they both deserve to spend time in JAIL, with actual criminals that would stick knives in their back. In my personal opinion it's not that morally bad.

  36. They both deserve to be punished for this, but damn at least Tom is keeping his mouth shut. I've never liked Tmartn and it shows in his responses as he has made a complete asshat of himself trying to lie and bullshit even further. Tom isn't much better but his content has been decent and he seemed like a good guy so at least he's not digging himself deeper like Tmartn as been.

  37. I've never heard of Counterstrike until today. Is this like "Battlefield" from 15 years ago? It looks like a Sega Saturn game. The Clintons did it again!

  38. Really liking the Know, but hands down the CS:GO "economy" is understood by a 3rd grader in less then a minute. It is not that complicated, everybody who plays the game longer than the average washing-machine does it's thing, gets dropped a crate and of course you want to open it.

    And the more important part is the role of VALVE, you should have elaborated in it. They profit a fuckton from this system and is indirectly encouraging. They could simply ban the bots making the transactions, they could also increase the timer on transactions in the market and so and and on. I can not imagine valve not being able to police their own effin system/game.

    It has gone WAAAAAAY too far. They COULD shut it down, but they profit simply far too much. It is hurting the community (the minority non-toxic part), the respect for the "pros" and in general the company!

    Check out warowls video on that matter if you are interested in it.

  39. Please send them to jail. Because they full well what they were doing. Now they wanna act like it never happened.

  40. Not defending anyone, but games such as fifa/madden/nba are rated three but still technically have gambling (packs) why are we not getting annoyed at them for under age gambling?

  41. Those guys stink.. Just like activision a call of duty and its supply drops.. Just humans at there absolute worst…

  42. To think,i played CS just to have fun,how bad has this game gotten,competitive for money and people scamming others for skins which get you money,shame,shame.

  43. I simple, the boxes cost money, they drop skins, some skins ''drop'' in ultra rare cases. Imagine you spend 2500$ buy 1000 boxes and open em all. get ton of skins, with one unique skin. Then you put that on and play CS GO, then folks see you having this skin and also try to get one. The rarer the skin the more boxes you need to buy to get it OR buy it from a player who already has one. The value is determined from the average money one would need to get it themselves by buin keys. So if I get a ruby knife skin, that on average drops 1 per 1000 boxes, its value is in between 1200-2500$ and thats where this value comes from. You all forget that the damn keys cost money. Open 10 boxes get nothing and see how you realize where the money association comes from

  44. It's is illegal how they did it by not disclosing they own it, but technically the skins are worthless they only have value because people say they do

  45. Also they are gambling and selling skins that they do not OWN they still belong the company even if you have them in your possession which in its self is illegal

  46. my friend won in dual arena in csgo lotto 400 dollar he did support .they did not replay csgolotto scammed him xD

  47. let um burn, let um burn, let em burn. the sites are probably rigged and have proven to be illegal, what steam has already in their store is good enough for a healthy content ecosystem and legal.

  48. I actually don't gamble on csgo, but I do like syndicate's content. But it is wrong what he did. If proven guilty, I don't think he is a bad person, he just made a bad choice that will affect him

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